Fancy&Fearless is a two year old blog that has grown so much over the years. Starting out as a Lifestyle blog, and now coming into her new identity as a Christian and Lifestyle blog, transforming has been challenging, but amazing! Lol! Still giving it's readers tips on how to be fancy with fashion, delicious recipes, great workout tips, and advice. Her sole passion is to be fearless in sharing the word of God to the world. As this new journey begins, Fancy&Fearless invites you with open arms. Promising you words of transcepency, wisdom, love, fashion, and faith. 

The Name

Le'nae loves to be Fancy at all times! She loves all things fashion, and growing up she always had her own style. Being fearless : bold, brave, daring, lacking fear. Is what Le'nae strives for everyday.  Combining the two she is a fancy and fearless woman on the pursuit of what sets her soul on fire!