The Break From Instagram


I promised you nothing but transparency on Fancy and Fearless, and I expect you want nothing less. Let’s get straight to the point! The reason I had to break away from instagram is because I was comparing myself, and my destiny to every woman I follow. Instagram was feeding my negative thoughts, and I had to break away. 

I was looking at other women’s feeds seeing how many likes they got on a post, their comments, and their followers. How come no one was really liking, and commenting on mine? I didn’t post all of the time like some, so how come when I post what the Lord pressed upon my heart to share my post are not popping. Am I doing something wrong God? Are you using me? Are my pictures not pretty enough? All of these “I’s”, and none of Him. I was focusing on the wrong things, and my mind was a mess. That is truly what the enemy wants! He wants me to feel as if I am not adequate. He wants me to compare. He wants me to doubt myself. He wants me to envy my fellow sisters in Christ. Why? Because as long as I am doing those things my mind, spirit, heart, and eyes are not fixed on Jesus! I will become neutralized. I will stay bound.

Let’s get to the root of all of this chaos. Inadequacy and rejection. The Lord has been peeling away at these stronghold for some time, and I honestly was not mad. I don’t know about you but I want every stronghold, and hinderance uprooted from within me. Yes, it may hurt, but I want to walk in the liberty that Christ gave me. Social media became the source of my validation. Do not get me wrong social media is not a bad tool, but when you are still bound with negative thoughts, rejection, insecurities, and worth it can be the worst thing for you. During my time of separation from a lot of things He was encouraging me, and He let me know that He is doing a good work in me. I had to realize that this is apart of the process, and that this is bigger than me. Yes, I thought I was past this. I thought I was confident in who I was in Christ, but there was some residue that He had to get. At our Women’s Conference two weeks ago He wrecked my life! It is so funny because our theme this year was freedom at the 2017 level, and He was working in me before the conference. So, you can imagine how He showed up, and reigned in that place. Freedom in my mind. I needed to be set free from the condition in which I set my mind to run! I needed to forgive myself, and others. I needed to let go of some memories. I needed and allowed God to come in and break every yoke! I chose freedom!!!!! My destiny depended on this. He called not just me for such a time as this, but you too. But I was tired of giving the enemy dominon over my mind, and how I saw myself. I could not stay where I was at. If I had stayed I would never become the woman God called me to be. I would never be able to ascend higher. I would neevr experience the richness of my salvation, so I chose freedom, and that included seperating from Instagram until I was ready to use it freely with a new mindset!

I love how I pick up a book that is always about  the season I am in, or the work the Lord is doing. I have been reading Univited by Lysa TerKeurst. When the book came out I was like I don't need to read this. I don't struggle with rejection, and boy was that a lie. Finally in May I pickd it up, and this book has been a tool that the Lord has used to expose the spirit of rejection. Chapter ten "Her Success Does Not Threaten Mine," was the chapter where I realzied Instagram had to go. This book is powerful, and I urge you to get it! 

LifeLenae Brooks