Sisterly Love : Six Bloggers I Adore

There is nothing like spreading love. I look at my generation and see that nobody really supports each other. When it comes to women building up women I get angry. Its all envy, competing, comparison, and belittling. Now, I know not all women are like that, but you get my drift. You may have been one of those women. It is okay because I was one too. As a woman, and blogger I want to spread love to my blogging sisters. I know you will love their blogs just as much as you love mine!


Elly from Uptown with Elly Brown. Elly is my fashionista crush! I love her style!!!!! Most of all I love her relationship with God. Elly pours her life out on her blog, and is so brave for sharing. I admire her strength. You will be a fool not to follow this one :)


Ashley from Write Laugh Dream. Ashley is amazing. Her advice for bloggers, and authors are really helpful. She has impacted my writing so much. Her post's are real, and they come from a place of compassion. Please check her out!


Bethanie from The Garcia Diaries. I recently started following Bethanie on Instagram, and fell in love with her blog. She has a beautiful family that I love reading about. Her style is so similar to mine, and her faith in God is undeniable. I know you guys will love her blog as much as I do!


Summer from Coffee With Summer. The word coffee is in her blog name, so what's not love. Me and Summer are apart of the Peonie Project, and I love reading her blog. I love all the tips she shares, and how she is fearless with sharing her life story, and journey. She is a must read people!


Valencia from Valencias Garden. Man I could go on and on about Valencia. I will start with she is a brilliant, fearless, and a compassionate Educator. She is my role model. Her writing is flawless, and her book is coming out August 18, 2016! I can not wait to read it. This woman is fearless, and I will encourage anyone to follow her blog. Not just read it, but follow! 


Taylour from Gaudly & Godly. Me and Taylour become good friends through blogging. She is an amazing women with a great calling on her life. Her blog is raw! She does not sugercoat anything when it comes to spreading the Gospel. I urge you to check my anointed sister out :)