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This week Fancy&Fearless will have six beautiful guest bloggers. These beautiful women will be sharing what they want to take place in 2016.

Here comes Sherrie!

Hello beautiful followers of Fancy and Fearless! I’m Sherrie and I go by LivingWright318 on most social media sites. I started a blog in 2014 but I rarely do that anymore. However, God has pushed me into the wonderful world of Youtube so I will be producing videos shortly. 
For the year of 2016, I strive to accomplish the following: 

  • Become Organized- I own a daycare, attend college (Full-Time), and have responsibilities to a young adult ministry. I’m extremely busy and even though I have a calendar. It does not get used properly and by the 3rd month the pages are blank… then I’m trying to remember all that I have to do off of memory. (EPIC FAIL)
  1. Becoming organized will help you strategize your time wisely. Strategizing your time wisely will help you stay on task and achieve more goals. 
  2. You see I know what to do. I just have to put my words into action. 
  • Budget- Budgeting goes along with getting organized. God is my provider but he won’t trust you with an abundance of prosperity, if you don’t know how to manage the little. So, I have to get my finances in order so I can be blessed beyond my imagination. (You have to believe that God wants you to have heaven on earth but you have to do right with the little so he can intrust you with A LOT!)
  • Healthy Lifestyle – I’m always going on diets but once I reached my desired weight, I go back to eating how I want to. God has been dealing with me about this… He told me that being organized will help with this as well. So plan your meals out for the week… Set out a few days (two) out of the month where you know you are going out to eat. He said have your fun on those days but snap it back the next day. This year I will make it a lifestyle change. 
  • Growth in Christ – My relationship with Christ will continue to grow but it's time to know the verses by heart. So this year it's time to not only read the word but store the word in my heart. It's time to shut the devil up immediately. By knowing the word gives you an advantage over the devil. When the devil tells you that you are not worthy… you don’t have to look up what to say. If the word is already stored inside of you, you can speak with authority over that negative thought and say you are the “Head and not the tail.. you are Above and not beneath”…. Jesus thought I was worth dying for… “Seal that with “devil you need to Flee in the Name of Jesus” and watch the devil leave you alone. It's time to rebuke the devil over every area of your life. It's time to show the devil who you serve. You Serve the one true God… you follow Jesus Christ and you listen to Holy Spirit. IT IS TIME TO SHOW THE devil that you are Rocking with God because you WANT TO!

2016… Is The Year of MOVEMENT!!!~~~ You won’t be in the same place because you are going to move forward. People are going to be blessed from your movement because you have greatness to share. You are TALENTED in so Many areas and it is time to DO, Share, and Bless this world with the special gifts God has created you for. (YOU HAVE BEEN QUIET FOR TOO LONG!) You’re on fire now…You are ready… (*IF you are not ready GET READY… it takes nothing but a word for you to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and SAVIOR. Turn from your old ways and become a new creation.)
 There is something that you keep hearing and it’s something God keeps confirming for you to do it. Be obedient and JUST DO IT. God wants to bless you and others through you. *** Keep in mind that you are always being watched. The people who are wondering about God are watching you and this year will see HIS GLORY shine through your actions. Get into position and allow Holy Spirit direct your actions in 2016. (If next year you are still in the same spot… It’s because you are not trusting God to take you into a new place. TRUST that God has you covered and wants to lead you into GREATNESS.)  Have an awesome year you guys! 

Lenae!!! I’m so honored to be featured on your NEW BLOG! It looks good girl. I pray over your website in the name of Jesus, that the lost will be found and the blind will be able to see through the light that you will shine through this blog. In Jesus Name AMEN!  I’m so proud of you and all you have accomplished!  ~ 

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