Season of September Writing Challenge


If you follow me on Instagram you should know I started a writing challenge. I participated in one last year, and fell in love with it. Last month as I was writing in my journal I got a spark to create one of my own. I was timid, but then it just flew into florushiant. I had no clue what God was going to do as I wrote what was on my heart, or what He was going to do in  the other women who participated. People were asking me “well how do I write?” All I could say was pour out your heart on paper. As I was writing I said to myself “Am I supposed to be writing this way?” But that is the beauty of writing. There are no rules. Your heart connects with the pen, and the pen flows on the paper. I experienced revelation in writing some of these, and I am so grateful that I did not let the doubts stay. I have selected some of my favorites to share with you today. Happy reading, and feel free to join in the challenge too!


I had no clue I was on sinking sand until the winds blew me on solid ground. Uncomfortable, yes indeed. I was used to the feel of the sand. Many turns could be made, the speed limit changes, the lines on the pavement change. I was lost as to why God brought me here. I was very comfortable in the sand. As I kept walking the road He meet me, talked to me, and comforted me, He started to dig potholes to get some gunk out of me. That means I was under construction. Who knew that I had to be constructed. Moving from sand to solid ground was rough, but it was all a part of His plan. A plan that I could not see, but I knew the road was long. At least I was not sinking anymore. The winds blew me to a place where God meet me. So every time the winds blow I catch them because I know that God is in the midst. 

Day Eight.JPG

I keep hearing the words of Steffany Gretzinger “Come out of hiding, your safe here with me.” But I am out, and I as look at the road ahead, sometimes I want to go back in. Being out of your comfort zone is challenging in itself but God you want me to move? You want me to stay out? What if I mess up? What if I don’t live up to the plan that is laid out for my life? A part of me is excited to be out of the box. I can finally be free, and be me. Everything I desired while I was in the box is coming into fruition. I can't believe it, but I can because you promised me such things. Ugh, I am scared. Can I do this? Do I have what it takes to be the woman you called me to be. I will say that while I was in the box I learned that I am loved, treasured, purposed, fearful, and chosen. I grasped that, and I will forever take that truth with me. I am not the same girl I used to be, so I guess that box was apart of your plan. You are sending me somewhere God, so it's best if I stay out that box. It's best that I walk in your truth, and never look back!

Day Twelve.JPG

Before my uncle passed away he said to me “Nae nae when God is moving, you move with Him.” How many times have you stayed still when you were supposed to move? How many times were you moving when you were supposed to stand still? To me transition was a physical move. I could see it. I was wrong. What I have been experiencing was transition on the inside. Inward shift. Transition from what was, to who God is in me. Old to new. I was in a transitional period in my mind, spirit, and body. On the outside I wasn't going anywhere. Truthfully nothing was going right. I was getting beat left and right. I had bruises. On the inside I was shifting gears. As the Lord moved I moved. I wanted to hold back, but I didn’t. I knew what I was transitioning into was greater than what I could see. 

Day Four.JPG

Rooted in such a way that nothing can shake me. Firm roots. Bold roots. Nutrient roots. Loving roots. Lively roots. How can I get my roots like that? By being deeply rooted in the one who is the same today, yesterday, and forever. He is almighty! He is my God; my papa. I want my roots to run deeply in Him. The sustainer of life itself. May my roots be planted in Him and Him alone.

Day seven.JPG

Dear Papa,

It hurts so much. I didn’t know that the pain of that rejection was rooted so deep. I forgot about that memory. Well no I didn’t because at times something will trigger it, and I will feel less than. I thought this was a part of me. It felt as if it was glued to my heart, mind, and soul. How long are you going to prune God? How many more layers do you have to cut away? Can you please tell me? I thought I was moving forward? Does this mean that I am not free? I want to be free Papa. I guess I am really like a tree. Your prune me in every season. Anything that is not of you, or dead, you cut away. It makes sense don’t get me wrong, but it hurts. I know, I know you see the end product, so you keep pruning no matter how I feel. So, I thank you, You can prune me into your masterpiece! 

Your shining light

Day Ten.JPG

On March 31, 2013 a seed of eternal life was imparted into me. The deep part of my being. As it dropped into my inner being the bondage and strongholds there were  rooted within me since birth were shaken. They knew that with the light, love, grace, and joy of Christ's seed will cause them to be uprooted. That seed went from mud, to sand, and now was placed in fertile soil. Soil that has to be refined because the seed has purpose. It’s purpose is to transform, grow, produce, and birth miracles of God on this earth . That seed carries something special. That seed is valuable. With the gardener's hands that seed is being nourished, and has no other option but to become the blooming masterpiece is was created to be. Just watch and see!

Faith, LifeLenae Brooks