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This week Fancy&Fearless will have six beautiful guest bloggers. These beautiful women will be sharing what they want to take place in 2016.

Here comes Sabra!

Sabra Gilbert
Lifestyle Blogger & Photographer
Becoming Sabra Gilbert
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Hi Fancy & Fearless readers! I’m Sabra and I’m a lifestyle blogger at Becoming Sabra Gilbert where I talk about ALL THE THINGS, but mostly marriage, blogging, working from home, and photography. I just graduated with a degree in Biology, but have decided to pursue my passion for photography & blog design through starting my own business, Midnight Photography & Design. When I’m not working on things for MPD or BSG, I can be found curled up with a book, catching coffee with friends, or playing League of Legends with my wonderful husband!

With so many crazy changes coming in the next year, there a million things that I desire to happen! I’ve been building dreams for my little corner of the internet, and I hope to see many of them come realized in this next year. But of course, I’m not all business, Simeon (my husband) and I have some big changes happening at home as well!
As Simeon and I both graduated this December, we get to the fun part of figuring out our next step! Which for Simeon is getting accepted into grad school, and together we will be moving! Most likely cross-country! But honestly, we have no idea where we are going yet! So I truly hope that we can find a new place to call home and dive headfirst into a wonderful church in our new hometown. And since we will be diving into our own lives away from our family, I hope that we can continue to grow our relationship as well. 
I also hope that since I can now work full time from home that I will be able to make enough of an income for this business to be sustainable and also help pay a few bills. I’ll be expanding my designs from not just Blogger and Squarespace to Wordpress as well as adding more branding options. I’m also hoping to book many more photoshoots! It is something I truly have a passion for and I’m hoping to get the opportunity to do more.
For my blog, I’m hoping to be able to create more of a community! It’s truly always been my favorite part of blogging and I’m hoping to make my space a place where people feel free to contact me when they have a question, or start conversation in the comments! I’m hoping that by curating my content to be more interactive, that I can grow an authentic community on Becoming Sabra Gilbert!
I also hope to be able to grow personally in my walk with God. With school, it was sometimes hard to balance everything I was trying to do and grow in Christ. I’ll admit that my relationship was God was usually the first thing that I would put to the side. I’m hoping to be able to make Him more of a focal point of my life in this coming year.

So many changes!! I truly believe that 2016 is going to be a scary, but fantastic, year! Thank you Lenae for having me on your blog today! And allowing me to share my hopes and dreams for 2016!

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