Releasing is Not a Form of Weakness


In my season of waiting and dependence on God I am learning a lot. The most important thing I learned was the art of releasing. Releasing how I feel, what I am feeling, and why I am feeling that way. At first I looked at releasing as not having enough faith, or me allowing the enemy to get me down. I felt I was weak whenever I told God what was truly going on in my heart. Then one day the most amazing thing happened. I learned the truth about releasing!


Cast your cares on the Lord
and he will sustain you;
he will never let
the righteous be shaken.
— Psalms 55:22

Casting your cares on the Lord let’s the Lord know that you trust him. You trust him with your feelings, and with your heart. You are not afraid of being vulnerable, and do you know what this is? It is a relationship! He will never let his daughter be shaken! When I would tell the Lord what I am feeling, or why I am angry I felt the weight being lifted off of me. When you hold things in it weighs you down. That feeling of pain, bitterness, envy, hurt, unforgiveness, or anger can take up root in your heart. You will be walking around with so much heaviness, and it can be unbearable. Do you want to live like that? I pray that you don’t because we have a father that will carry our burdens, and lift us up in due time(1 Peter 5:6). We have a father who loves when you lay at his feet and trust him with our struggles. We have a father who is bigger than our problems, and our feelings. We have a father who can comfort us, love us, hold us, free us, refresh us, and fill us better than ourselves, and this world. You are not weak, and your faith is actually increasing when you release your cares to the Lord. Whatever it is that you are holding on to I encourage you to let it out today. If you have to leave your desk at work do it. If you have to escape to your pray closet today while the kids are sleep do it. If you have to go in your car on your lunch break do it. Do whatever you need to do to release what is holding you in bondage. The lord is refreshing His people in this season, and I decree and declare that you will get your refreshing TODAY!


FaithLenae Brooks