October Priorities


Good morning loves. I can not believe that we are in the month of October! This year is really flying by. I recently purchased the Faith Edition Happy Planner. I am so in love with this planner, and it is really what I have been looking for. At the beginning of each month they have a section that I am going to share with you all today. It does tie into my monthly priorities, so I was so excited to share what I have written. Let’s get into what I am focusing on for the month of October!


Mediating on: Scripture that speaks on discipline and priorities
Rejoicing in: God’s provision
Blessed by: God’s timing
Where my heart is: Trusting God wholeheartedly
Trusting God in: My finances
Finding hope in: My source (God)
Learning to be patient with: My journey. It is a process!
Verse of the month: Isaiah 54:10
Area where I need extra help: Self control
Asking God for courage to: Let go

Spiritual Goals.JPG


  1. Morning prayer and worship

  2. Evening devotional, prayer, and worship

  3. Unplug from phone

  4. Winning Wednesday: Fast

  5. Lunch time snack: Read scripture flashcards, or devotional

Personal Focus.JPG
  1. Get a decent amount of sleep

  2. Increase water intake

  3. Read planner in the morning and at night

  4. Write in my journal

  5. Continue to move forward; push!


I did not share this month’s prayer list because I believe that should be kept between me and Papa. I love this breakdown though. It helps me to stay focused, so I will continue to share what I am currently meditating on, and so forth from now on! I love you so much sister. I pray that this month is filled with miracles, signs, and wonders. I pray that you experience Papa in new ways. I pray that your faith will increase! I pray that you will receive all that He has for in in this season! I pray that this month brings you peace, joy, love, and abundant life! Tell me what are you currently focusing on this month?

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