November Priorities

I can not believe that November is here. This year is almost over! This month is expectation month! I am expecting a move of God like never before. I was driving home from work yesterday, and my favorite worship song was playing, and I felt that God was about to do something. I feel an impartation about to take place, a deliverance is about to place, His fire is about to set me ablaze, and omg I can not explain it further. I just know that the Lord is about to do something big this month, and I don’t mean material blessings, or none of the stuff you can see. Oh boy but on the inside, hallelujah something big is about to go down! If you receive that say Amen! If you know that you are ready to go to another level open up your arms and give him praise! I just preached lol. 

November Priorities: 

1. Practice self discipline and control. I did good with listening to ONLY worship music until last week, and this morning. My flesh was beating me down, but this month I am not going to give in. 
2. Spend time with God every morning. I wake up at four thirty every morning, and my eyes are still close walking to the bathroom. What I have been doing is reading my devotional when I get to work. If I am early I read in the car, but sometimes I read at my desk. I am making it a huge priority to stay on this routine no matter what time, or where I am at. The one thing I do know is the Lord is funny. If I am ready to go in with my prayer, He tells me to go to my car lol. I literally made my car my war room, and I love it! 
3. Use my planner more. I need to excerise the art of scheduling. 
4. Schedule time to write my book. I did not do this last month, and it is killing me. I truly need to get back to writing. 
5. Stay positive with school. The Lord told me “ It is not where you are, but where you are going.” I need to look to the hills for his strength, and guidance. I can not let school take my joy. 
6. No overworking myself. I need to say no when requests come in that does not fit my schedule. Two weeks ago My attitude was a mess. I needed to rest with my father, and boy when I cried out to him, he told me I was overwhelmed. I truly do not want that to happen again. This is another top priority! 
7. Fix my eyes on the Lord. In this season the distractions are coming full force, and sometimes I give in. I am making sure that I stay prayed up, alert, have my bible near me all the time, and have my scripture flashcards in my purse. The enemy is not playing with trying to get the Lords people off course. We are so close to the finish line in this #winningseason
8. No soda. I have been reading a lot of scriptures lately that speak on our bodies being the Lords temple. I know it’s much deeper than soda, but I really want to detox. Taking sodas out will help me on the inside and my face ( breakouts). 

How about you love. What are you November priorities? 

This month I will be launching my Meeting With The King Devotional worksheets!!!!!!!!! I am beyond excited about this. There will be a giveaway this month including the devotional worksheets, so stay tuned. Also I am starting a singleness series with my sisters in Christ from The Peony Project. The waiting period for a the one can be pretty hard for a woman who gets distracted easily with relationships. I know I am not the only one, so the Lord put it on my heart to have a series on this, and have women married, single, and divorced share their single testimonies. God is so amazing ladies, and I pray that you have a wonderful month. I also pray that you have an expectation attitude this month! 


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