My Best Yes

The first week of July I made a decision that was long overdue, and in that moment I stepped into a place where God was waiting for me. I was not expecting it all, but I felt I was ready for all that I was going to endure. One day I was feeling a little down, and I took a longer route home. I love to drive, and embrace the scenery. On this particular day I drove on Wilson road, and I drove pass this cute little house. My father grew up in this house. Me and my siblings were raised here too! I backed up in the middle of the road(dangerous I know). I pulled up, and was in awe as I sat at looked at this house. All of a sudden tears were streaming down my face. I ask the Lord “why am I crying.” He said so softly “Because this house was filled with love.” Something rose up in me, and I started praying. I prayed to walk according to the will of the Lord, and not my own. I prayed for the life He died for me to have. I asked the Lord to remove anything that is blocking me from my destiny. Blocking me from going deeper with Him. I prayed for my  future husband and children. I prayed that the love that filled this beautiful home will rub off on me as I love my family. On this property I gave the Lord my best yes! Accepting His ways, and not rebelling or running away from them. I opened my heart to Him. I made a permanent decision to follow my Shepherd, and enjoy the ride! 

Sometimes we come to a place where we have nothing but God. I am in that place, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. As I backed out of the driveway peace enveloped me. I knew that everything was working out for my good. I knew that this place the Lord has me in is going to shed His glory like never before. This place is going to impact my future bloodline. This place is breaking chains in the spiritual round. This place is where I have will have a special communion with the Lord. Here it is August 17th, and a lot has taken place since that first week in July. My testimony will be up soon, so stay tuned! 

This song has been on repeat since Sunday. This is the perfect song for giving the Lord your best yes.

Life, FaithLenae Brooks