Monday Melody and Scripture

Happy Monday loves. How are you doing today? You know I sometimes struggle with depending on the Lord for things. Such as energy, worthiness, praise, love, and ect. I draw from the world for to fill those voids sometimes. Having the discipline to draw from the one source that will not fail me is my prayer everyday. Drawing from Jesus, and His living water is my goal. Today I challenge you to not draw from social media, your significant other, your job, your kids, coffee, and etc. Draw from His well, the well that never runs dry. I am sharing an artist today that I LOVE! I have been listening to this CD everyday and everyday the Lord meets me right where I am. Meditate on John 4: 13-14, and worship to Psalmist Raine The Well. 

P.S. Please do this in your car on your lunch break. I really do not want you to get fired. This song will take you straight into the heart of worship! 

Faith, MelodyLenae Brooks