March Goals #MonthlyGold Linkup

To me goals are realistic plans I commit to achieve. I want to emphasize on realistic because I set goals that I know are not sensibile. For instance I made a goal to participate in an online bible study for two months. The goal is realistic, but I am a full time student with a heavy workload. I fell behind very quickly in the study, and started to beat myself up about it. Giving myself this goal was not sensible with all that I have going on, so what I am doing is reading the book whenever I can. Doing this takes the pressure off my back to complete something. Now that I have the meaning of realistic in my head, I know what goals are reasonable for me to work on.




  1. During the day practice to rest in the presence of the Lord.

  2. Exercise two to three days a week!

  3. Complete a monthly bible challenge. This is more sensible because I can do this on the go and at home.

  4. Drink three to four bottles of water every day  (the bathroom will be my BFF)

  5. Do everything with love

  6. Be consistent with blogging

I know you are looking at me like Le’nae this is so easy. I want these practices to become apart of my life. Right now they are not, and I desire a change in my spiritual, physical, and mental inner being. I am looking forward to  forming new habits!

Have a great day loves! Set some exciting but purposeful goals for this month. Remember that you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength! 

LifeLenae Brooks