Let Jesus Be Your Boyfriend | Singleness Series | Phylicia

Yayyyy it is finally time to kick the Let Your Jesus Be Your Boyfriend Series off. This singleness series is close to my heart. When the Lord told me to start this series I was like cool, but once I started to receive the stories from the women featured; I realized this topic was for me too. I am not going to get into detail because my post will be up later this week. I truly believe, and I declare that as you read the stories, testimonies, and wisdom coming to you this week that you will be content in your singleness. I declare bondages and strongholds to be binded as you read what the Lord has given to these women. I pray that you feel His presence as you read the words of these women. I pray that you will gain spiritual wisdom. Even if you are in a relationship, or married take heed to what is being said because you may have to direct someone to this series. I know that lives are going to be transformed during this series because this topic is often overlooked. We know to wait, we know to pray for our future husband, we know what God’s will is for marriage, we know to trust God for His best, but no one likes to share the process of the wait. No one likes to get to the root of why women crave a relationship. No one gives advice on what to do during the wait. I am hear to tell you that all the  answers, and plenty more will be revealed deing this series! Praise God!!!!!!!!


Well let’s get started shall we. This woman who is starting this series off is amazing. She sent me her post on singleness, and I asked her if I could use her post. Fancy and Fearless readers meet Phylicia. 

Phylicia is a faith and lifestyle blogger at Phylicia Delta.  She aims to teah women the Gospel. She loves to teach on marriage, and singleness. When I read her post IT’S TIME TO BE OKAY WITH NEVER GETTING MARRIED I knew I wanted her to be featured in this series. I would love for you all to head on over to Phylicia’s blog, and read the wise words of this amazing woman of God. Feel free to comment on her blog post, and share as well. Thank you for joining me and these fearless women as we share on singleness. Next up will be Ally from The Speckled Goat. I love you all so much. Have a great day! 



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