June Priorities


June is a month full of Joy! Let me explain why. Last month the night before my birthday the Lord gave me a word regarding this year. He said “new era.” I was excited about it no doubt, but the next day on my birthday and our W.O.R.D Women fellowship He confirmed it, and then He told me to look up the word era. Era means a fixed point in time from which a series of years are reckoned. Also,  memorable or important date or event that begins a new period in the history of a person or thing. Wow!!! How amazing is that. I am in a new era!!!! The previous years have been demolished, and I am stepping into all things new. A new beginning. I am beyond grateful, and excited to see what the Lord has for me! He has been shifting things in my life. I was laid off two weeks ago from my job, and I love Him because He was preparing that week for that event. I was extremely grateful for the job opportunity because prior to this job, around the same time last year I was out of work for 5 months. I thanked Him for giving me the income to get back on my feet. Here I am no job, no money, out of school, and filled with joy. This time last year I was in the same boat, and it was a struggle. I drew closer to Him, I anchored my hope in Him, my faith increased, and I learned so many lessons. I would not trade that season for anything in the world because it equipped me for what was to come this year. It may seem odd to be full of joy when you are once again in the same position, but let me you I wouldn't have it any other way. I am truly learning so much, and activating my faith. I can not describe it to you, but just know Lenae is full of joy. I have asked the Lord what does He want me to do during this time, so here are my June priorities! 
1. Stay in His presence. I used to make this so complicated. I was thinking that I had to spend hours in my closet for that, and He was like no Le’nae. Just whispering His name envelopes you in His presence. Singing a hymn, thanking Him, reading a scripture out loud, or simply talking to Him. He is training me to be increasingly aware of Him, and I love it. 

2. Seek Him before I jump. He is training me to do this also. This increases my trust and dependence in Him. Asking Him to show me the way I should go, and waiting for Him to direct me - in His timing. 

3. Finish project number one before the end of this month. I can not tell you what the project is, but I am so excited!!!! He did a great work in me, and that released me to start it!

4. Keep praying for project number two. This ties into priority number two. I have been breaking down the scriptures of the week on the blog. A little Bible Study. I have been feeling as if He wants me to expand, and go deeper in that. I am telling you about this project because many of you have been telling me to keep up with Bible Study, and here is why I have been not doing it lately. By all means lift this project up in your prayer time. You and I are sisters in Christ, and praying for another to be in the will of our Father is what keeps us aligned with Him. It helps us to move forward in what the Lord has called us to do. 

5. Go on a walk or run everyday.

6. Enjoy the journey! This is a time of transition for me, and no matter what comes up I pray to enjoy every moment! 
If the Lord is shifting things in your life don’t be scared, let Him! Let Him shake things up. He is doing this for a reason. His goal is to do something through you. Trust Him, and submit yourself fully to His will. Get your hands of the wheel and allow Him to steer. He is leading you into your destiny! I love you, and we are in this together! Tell me what are your priorities for June! 

LifeLenae Brooks