June Goals #MonthlyGold Linkup

Last month was rough, but I am happy that it is all behind me. Today starts a new month, and I am grateful to be moving forward! I wanted to do something a little different this time around with the #monthlygoldpost. I am going to break down my goals into different categories, or different areas of my life I should say. Let’s get started shall we…..

1. Exercise twice a week, or three. Okay, I am going to be honest about this I am working on being consistent with workouts. I may miss a day, but I am truly pushing myself to get toned up this summer. 
2. Finish reading one book that I already started. 
3. Write in my planner every Sunday for the upcoming week, and read my planner every morning before work. 
4. No soda (hard one during that time of the month)
5. Wash my face every night before bed. The weather is heating up, and I am sweating like crazy. I have oily skin on top of the products that I use on my dreads. Cleaning my skin every day and night will help prevent breakouts this summer. 
6. Finish Leah Gray's Be Still Series. I fell behind during this last semester, so I am going to finish them this month. I find it that If I read and study at my own past the results are ten times better. 
6. NO LAZY LENAE!!!!!!!!

1. Sign up for one blogging webinar
2. Do two giveaways and maybe participate in a loop giveaway
3. Try to guest post on two blogs
4. Get T-Shirts made for Fancy&Fearless. I am going to a networking event this month, and thought it would be cool to have my own shirt made :) 

1. Sign up for summer classes
2. Pass the Reading Praxis Core Exam (pray for me loves)

Thirty-One Business:
1. Book two parties
2. Purchase business cards and direct sales printables
3. Get everything in order for my first vending event

My goals are simple this time around. I feel that I  put a lot of pressure on myself, and that has to stop. One of my favorite scriptures to help me when setting  and working on my goals is Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God.” Taking this summer one day at a time with the Holy Spirit leading me. I pray that you will do the same! I love you guy’s. Thanks for reading!

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