July Goals #MonthlyGoldLinkup

I can not believe it is July already! I am excited about this month because I know it is going to be a turning point for me. A lot of miracles happened last month, and I am expecting a move of God in all areas of my life! Now on to my goals. Let me just say that I love the #monthlygoaldlinkup. I love reading the goals that other fearless women have, and I love the encouragement that is given. This month I am still laid back with my goals. I did good last month, and I want to continue to be realistic with the goals I set!

1. Continue to workout or run three times a week
2. Finish reading Fangirl and start on The Best Yes
3. Get up and go to church every Sunday. I honestly do not know where the laziness came from. I still live streamed, but I know that it is not an excuse to not be in the house of the Lord. 
4. Start a bible study through Proverbs 31 ministries!
5. Eat breakfast in the morning. For some reason I will not eat anything in the morning, and it is not good.  My sugar will drop and I will start to feel bad. I think if I eat protein or small meals it will be good for me. If you have a meal plan or ideas to help me please leave a comment below, or email me. 
6. Drink more water!
7. Sign up for the reading praxis again, and PASS! I missed it last month by six points. 

1. Work on my printables. I don’t want to go into details because I want it to be a surprise. But, last month my creative side was soaring, and I have so many ideas for Fancy&Fearless. 
2. Do one giveaway
3. Get my T-shirts made, and do a photoshoot. If not this month then next month!

Thirty-One Business:
1. Book three parties for this month!

Short and sweet! I am looking forward to this month. Tell me do you have any goals set for this month?


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