Journaling Ideas

Happy Friday!!!! With working and going to school I am really eager for Friday’s now! How are you guy’s doing today? Do you have any weekend plans? I do! If you follow my Fancy and Fearless Facebook page you have an idea of what I will be doing. I am so excited to say that one of my October priorities is coming to life this weekend. You can read that post here. I signed up for a Workshop on Worksheets. I am beyond excited to learn how to create worksheets, and two of them will be for you. The Lord has placed these ideas on my heart, and he has made a way for his plan to come to life. Just in time for my Friday post on journaling ideas!!!!! Look at God! 

My first worksheet will be a devotional worksheet. If you are new to Fancy and Fearless then please know I love my devotionals. I broke my devotional time down in this post, but I truly believe every woman needs a journal for her devotions. My friend Valencia shared this website with me, and I love it! I created a Binder for my devotional worksheets! 

It is not that clear, but the title is Devotionals ; Meeting with the King! 

I honestly think that writing down your prayers is just as effective as speaking them. I love to write, but I am so accustomed to speaking out loud when I am praying. I do want to change that, so I created another binder for my prayer journal. I will have sections such as family, home, finances, relationships, ministry, destiny, and a page for ideas/visions that Lord gives me! 

Once the worksheets are finished I will be hosting a giveaway with the worksheets, and a customized journal like the two above for two beautiful women.  I am so excited for what the Lord is doing through Fancy and Fearless. I truly hope that these journaling ideas captivate your heart to write more. Writing things down from sermons, devotionals, prayers, ideas, visions, and dreams can really make a difference for you. One day the Lord may speak to you about something, and you will look in your journal, or your prayer journal and see that confirming word. It does wonders to write things down. It helps you see how far you have come, and it helps as a releasing tool as well. I can not wait to get started on this project, and upload it on Fancy and Fearless. I hope you guy’s have a great weekend. I love you! 


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