Hello October

Hello October!!!! This year is moving by so fast, and I have no complaints. September was a month of experience with trials and tribulations. Doors were opening and closing all around me, but I am so grateful for the Lord’s plan. I am in a season of waiting. Have you ever been in a season of waiting? Maybe you are in one with me. Although this can be frustrating at times I am embracing it. This season is where the Lord is drawing me closer to Him, refreshing me, and where separation from the world is taking place. Painful, but amazing! I am looking forward to  what the Lord is going to teach me, show me, and take away in this season. I am focusing on these things this October….. 

1. Spending time with God every morning and night
2. Finish reading A Woman After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George
3. Keep my eyes on the Lord, and not let the distractions take me off course
4. Keep listening to gospel music
5. Contentment
6. Pick up my journal and write my book. In September I started working and I did not write at    all last month. Things have changed and I have time to do that, so I need to pick up where I      left off. 
7. The Lord gave me the green light to work on my devotional printable. I am going to sign up  for a workshop that teaches how to create one, so stay tuned! I honestly can not wait for you all to have this printable. It is not your average one for sure. Your devotional time will never be the same :) 

What are you focusing on this October? I pray that this month brings you peace, and I pray that you draw closer to Him in this season! I will see back here on Wednesday where I am talking about a light bulb moment I had last week! Love you! Have a great Monday.

LifeLenae Brooks