Father's Day Gift Guide: Thirty-One Edition

I love to celebrate Father’s day, and I think Fathers are not praised enough. I love my dad with all of my heart, and I would want to get him something so special. I put together the perfect gift guide with Thirty-One products that will have your father smiling. 

  1. The handyman : Apron, Around The Clock Thermal
  2. Huntsman: Large Camo Tote, Oh Snap Bin
  3. The Organizer: Your Way Bin, Your Way Rectangle
  4. The Softy: Personalized Pillow
  5. The Athlete: Spirit Cinch Sac
  6. The On The Go Dad: Sling -Back Bag

I hope you all have a wonderful Father's day! 
If you want to host a party with Thirty-One and recieve these gifts for FREE head over to my work page, and fill out the submission form. 

Fashion, LifeLenae Brooks