August Priorities


Good afternoon love! I can not believe that summer is almost over. I am one of the crazy people that you probably know. I do not like summer, but I love the fashion. The crop tops, dresses, shorts, skirts, sandals, and updo’s. I love fall. It is not too cold. The color of the tree’s, and grass will start to change. Fall is up next, and I can not wait. Now that my rant is over. How are you doing today?

July was amazing! I am still not working, so I had a lot of time to spend with Papa (God). I also was away from social media, and you can read about that here. I learned a lot last month. I mentioned in my June Priorities post that I was working on two projects. They are both finished!!!!!! I love how Papa works because I may think I am doing something one way, and then He changes it. He also told me not rush, and take my time. I felt as if I was not doing anything. As if I was behind, but when God gives you an assignment/project it may not be time to release it right then and there. He wants to spend time with you first. He wants to teach you, equip you, and prepare you for it. He wants to be sure that whatever He told you to do will be full of His glory, and not yourself. Trust me if He told you to do it He will make sure you go forward with it. I just rambled, but someone needed to hear that. Don’t look at what everyone else is doing. You just make sure that you are meditating on God’s word, and getting filled with Him. You allow Him to do a great work in you, so when you release what He told you to do it will be all Him. This is not about you! Now if He told you “It is time, your ready, or go forward.” Then you have to move. Delayed obedience is disobedience! You have to move sis. This is not about you, but the lives He wants you to reach. I bind up the spirit of fear right now in the name of Jesus! Take action, and do what the Lord has released you to do. 

August Priorities

1. Sit with Papa everyday. Before I got off of Instagram one of my followers posted her notebook, and pen. She said that her and husband sit and allow Papa to speak, and they write it down. I cried reading that post, and messaged her because that was confirmation for me. The Lord told me in a dream the night before “be quiet and sit. Allow me to be your best friend.” You know how your best friend can call you over to her house, and you run over there to listen to her. That is what Papa wants us to do. He has so much to tell His children, but we have to allow Him to speak. It may not be a long paragraph. He may
just want to say “I love you daughter.” “I love how you handled that situation at work.” “I am pleased my daughter.” “Pray for ___.” I made this a habit, and I have been doing it ever since. I sit outside with my notebook and pen, and wait! I have had the greatest time of my life with Papa! 

2. Every night and every morning read my planner. I have to set a reminder to do that. I have stuff written down, and I won't even look at my planner. It is so sad. 

3. Not focus on what I am not doing. As I mentioned above. I am not on mans timeline, but God’s. 

4. Pray for this upcoming semester. I will carve out time and just simply pray for the school year. Pray not only for myself, but the school, staff, and students. You can pray too. Two can put how many to flight? 

That is all I am focusing on this month. What are you focusing on this month?

LifeLenae Brooks