August Goals #MonthlyGoldLinkup

I am back!!!!! I am so excited to start posting again! July was a very rough month for me, and I will share all the details in future posts. If you have been following Fancy&Fearless on our Facebook page you will know I am claiming August as my breakthrough month. Being in a place where I have nothing but God is teaching me so much. This place is increasing my faith, my relationship with Christ, my worship, and my trust in Him. I didn’t want to participate in the #MonthlyGoldLinkup because I felt as if I have no goals in this season I am in. Also, I did not achieve my goals for last month but, the devil is a liar. I do have some goals I want to accomplish this month! 

1. Work out twice a week
2. Cut back on Pepsi, and increase my water intake
3. Start using my scripture flashcards to memorize scripture. I would carry my flashcards in my 4. purse, and never use them. We all know that the word is our greatest weapon. How can we         use it if we do not know it, or if we have not saturated our mind with it. 
5. Finish reading The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst

1. Get my school schedule set.
2. Pay for the reading and writing Praxis. I want to take them this fall. 
3. Create my assignment and grade printables
4. Pay for my parking pass, and new Bulldog card
5. Breath, and let God lead me in this upcoming semester

1. Redesign my t-shirts. I have new art illustrations, and I want to put them on my t-shirts. I      came up with this wonderful idea! My one year blog anniversary is coming up in January. I    think I will do a photoshoot with my blog t-shirts! 
2. Keep sharing what God is giving me. I know the one month break I took was needed, and      apart of His plan. I seeked His face like no other, and He did give me a ton of new posts for you    guys. But, I also grew, and for that Fancy&Fearless will grow too!
3. Take a workshop on how to make printables. God has given me the idea of two printables for     the blog, but I need help lol. 

I truly want to thank you all for staying connected to Fancy&Fearless. I am beyond grateful for loyal and supportive readers. I will try my best to not stay away as long as I did, but nevertheless not my will, but His will :) I love you guys!

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