All Things New and a Giveaway

Well hello there loves. It has been one month since we talked. How are you? I am doing swell thank you. Mainly because Fancy&Fearless received a full blown makeover!!!!!!! I mentioned in my last post February Priorities that I wanted to re design the website. It took me a month, but I got it done! 

The website is not the only thing that is new. In January Fancy&Fearless celebrated her one year blog anniversary. While I did not broadcast it, I did celebrate. I did that by giving this blog that you are reading right now to the Lord. I celebrated the fact that I am doing what the Lord told/called me to do with Fancy&Fearless. I celebrated the fact that I know He is going to do amazing things with, and for Fancy&Fearless. I celebrated that lives will be changed through Fancy&Fearless. The biggest celebration of all is that the author (me) surrendered it all to Him. How is this something new you may ask? It is new because I am no longer trying to be someone I am not through blogging. No longer trying to have a certain look, no longer trying to make money off my blog, no longer trying to write the same content as others, no longer trying to keep up with the blogging Joneses, and no more feeling guilty for not posting. Whew, I had a lot going on in my heart didn’t I? I am not ashamed to say I took this blog for granted. I let it slip away because of what it did not look like, and what I didn’t have. But thanks be to God I know what I do have. I have purpose! What I have no other blogger can take from me. What I have no website design, products, advertising, subscribers, comments, money, and support can diminish. I have been commissioned to share the good news through this blog, and I don’t take that lightly. Not only is the design new, but my attitude is new, and the anointing is fresh. Boy, do I have some posts for you!!!!! I want to thank you all for reading, and your patience. To all of my new subscribers; welcome! Grab your journals, pens, highlighters, and bible because Fancy&Fearless is going to take you on a Holy Ghost ride!!!!!!!! Hahaha that was corny, but cute. I don’t think you all are ready for the real Le’nae yet!

Giveaway Time!!!!!

Why not end this post with a giveaway? I have partnered with two beautiful ladies who I adore very much. Desiree and Amanda! Are you ready to see what you can win?


Amanda wants to live in a world where the dishes do themselves, the laundry is always clean and the floors are never dirty.
As a Christian clothing designer, she’s been showcased around Instagram by bloggers, stylists and happy mommies. When she’s not handmaking her latest designs with her husband, you can find her filling her camera roll with two of the sweetest kids ever, baking mouth-watering banana bread and binge-watching Survivor.
Her recently-released spring clothing line — perfect for Easter! — is available now!
Shop the new spring line at


Hi! My name is Desi & I am a new LuLaRoe consultant! I absolutely L O V E this company + everything they stand behind. I started this business to help support our little family & actually start a job I LOVE! Have you all ever worn any thing LuLaRoe? I love the way the clothing makes me feel; confident + beautiful. That is one of my goals for this business; for every women to feel beautiful! If you are interested in this closing join my Facebook group! Can’t wait to talk with you all ladies more! xoxo, Desi!


The last Lularoe giveaway I did was a hit, so I had to have it again. Desiree is simply amazing because the winner will get one of the leggings in the above photo, but will also receieve a mystery pair!!!!!!!!! How awesome is that? The first pair is TC (Tall and Curvy), and the second pair is OS (one size fits all).  

How To Enter!

1. Follow me on Instagram
2. Comment on this blog post with your name
3. State which state you reside in
4. Mention which item you can see yourself wearing the most
5. Tell me something new that is happening in your life at this moment

After you have commented I will write your name down, and put it in a jar. On Sunday April 2, 2017 at 5 o'clock eastern time I will draw a name out of the jar, and announce the winner on Instagram (hence the follow). You have to answer each question, or your name will not be qualified to enter. After the winner is announced I will send a Direct Message, and you have 24 hours to respond to me. If you do not I will draw another name! Welp, I think that is it. May the best woman win! 

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