A Night On The Town

Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I thought it would be cool to have some locals give you a clue for you and your boo! 

Hello Fancy and Fearless Readers! My name is Emilie and I blog at Burke Does. I am a recent transport to Mount Vernon, Baltimore, as I just moved here after graduation. When I moved to Baltimore, my boyfriend of 2+ years, who is in the Army, had already moved to Fort Benning, so it wasn't until the holidays that I was able to bring him to Baltimore to show him my new home. 
This is Casey and I on New Year's Eve. Aren't we good looking? 

When Casey came to Baltimore, I knew that I had take him out for crabs! Of course! 

We decided to try out Locust Point Steamers in, you guessed it, Locust Point. I had been to LP Steamers once before, when I was interviewing with my company, but hadn't been there since moving to Baltimore! Casey's visit was just the perfect excuse. When we went, we weren't exactly planning on turning the experience into a recap on the blog, so there are limited pictures (and none of the two of us), but with a little imagination, you'll be fine. 

We knew we wanted crabs, but I wasn't really in the mood to have a dinner of just crabs. Frankly, crabs are a lot of work and you have to be in the mood for those crabs! We decided to order the Natty Boht Load of Food since we got crabs, as well as other seafood. It also came with a pitcher of beer, perfect for Casey as I was our DD. 

When the food came we were overwhelmed with just how much food it was. Shrimp, mussels, clams, oysters, lobster tail, crabs, oh my! Thank goodness we were in comfortable seats because we knew that this would be a long meal. This gave us a long time to chat and catch up on life, perfect for any long-distance couple!

As we ate and ate, we slowly began to fill what I called on Snapchat our Bucket of Shame, evidence of just how much food we were able to destroy in this short visit. The entire meal was a really delicious and the service was perfect. One of the perks of LP Steamers is that it's not overrun my tourists, since it's on the other side of the Harbor.

We ended the night by heading over to the top of Federal Hill and appreciating the view. It was a perfect date night! I strongly reccomend for anyone visiting or local to Baltimore! 

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Emilie is a recent Princeton University grad, currently living in Baltimore, MD. She is half of the brains behind BurkeDoes.com, a lifestyle blog by the two sisters. Together, they write about the struggles of long-distance sisterhood, life management tips, their favorite art projects, and their obsession with food. She also makes to do lists at MyToDoList.Me. You can follow her around the web: Twitter. Instagram. Facebook. Pinterest. Bloglovin'


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