Annie Desires & Sunday Melody

This week Fancy&Fearless will have six beautiful guest bloggers. These beautiful women will be sharing what they want to take place in 2016. 
First up is Annie!

Annie Demczak
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I am a blogger from Baltimore and I write at The Free & Wild Blog. When I am not studying to become an elementary teacher, you can usually find me traveling with my husband, exploring my beloved city, doing yoga or cooking up something yummy in my tiny apartment kitchen. 

There’s something so magical about a new year. I love celebrating a year ended, and a new one begun. This opens the perfect opportunity to look forward to all our hopes and goals for the year. So today, I’m going to share mine! 

This year, I am looking forward to graduating from college. I’m an elementary education major and I will (finally!) finish my student teaching and graduate in December 2016! It’s been a long time coming, and I just can’t wait to finally have my own classroom! 

I’m looking forward to celebrating my one year anniversary with my husband in May. The first six months of marriage have been a roller coaster of emotions for us both as we learn to live with each other, love each other and serve each other. It’s definitely been a transition. No one tells you that it’s not a fairy tale after the honeymoon phase is over! But I am definitely looking forward to working harder to be the best friend and wife I can be to my husband. 

I’m looking forward to really reconnecting with my faith again. This year, we sorta fell off the bandwagon with going to church and spending daily time reading our Bibles. I am truly looking forward to getting back on track and making sure it’s a priority for us. We already took the first steps by joining a Bible study and meeting some people at our church. Watch out, 2016, here we come! 

In 2016, I am mainly just looking forward to being concentrated on what’s really important. I want to be attentive to my God, my husband, my health, my work, and not missing moments to be thankful in all things. I want to make sure that I don’t get distracted by every little thing and get pulled away from what’s most important in my life. I feel like I lost sight of what was really important in 2015 and I really want to make sure that I get back on track this year! 

So, this year, my song will be Eyes on You by Kristene DiMarco. This song is all about keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus. My favorite line is “Eyes on you, Lord, Eyes on you, Through the laughter, through the pain”. This year, I want my eyes to be fixed on Jesus through the laughter and pain and all that this year will bring me! 

So this year, I hope you stay focused on what is truly important with me! 

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