Personal Letter: Devotional Tool

I have a set routine of how I like to write notes on my devotionals, if you would like to see my routine check it out here 

Devotional 101

. On Monday after I read my devotional I picked up my journal and wrote Jesus a personal letter. I honestly do not know what made do that, but I spilled my thoughts about His message in a letter. I made it personal, I was honest to Him and I have been doing this all week. 

I am one person who really talks to Jesus like He is my brother. I sit in my closet and just talk to him, sometimes my prayers sound like a conversation. I spill everything to him and reflecting on His message in the morning came in the form of a letter. I want to give you all an example of this morning's devotional and letter, I feel so connected to Jesus when I write these letters. Maybe you feel your routine is not as personal and you want to take it to a another level. I pray this example helps you to open your mind and heart to a deeper level of companionship with our Lord. 

 Dear Jesus, 

I know you love it when your brothers and sisters are honest with you. I do not ask the Holy Spirit to help me when I am talking to someone that is pouring out their soul. I tend to talk and respond with what I think is right, shame on me Jesus. I see why it is important for me to ask the Holy Spirit for help, Jesus I want that person that I am talking too see you. How can they see you if you are not guiding the conversation, if your love is not pouring out, and if your peace is not radiating . I love that you said "My own being is alive within you in the person of the Holy Spirit". The fact that you live inside of me and you come alive through me, makes me want to talk to everyone I see. But it is pointless if I do not ask the Holy Spirit to think through me, live through me, and love through me. I would really be giving that person dry advice and you know me, I cant stand dry advice. You may be sending that person to me for a word, some love, some comfort and I would blow it. I never want a lost soul or one of your brothers or sisters walking away from me empty. Jesus, I am so sorry that I would take your place when people come to me. I am on holy ground, meaning God is upon it, this is not about me but about you. I desire to be that amazing channel that absorbs your love, joy, and peace and have others receive it. Thank you for correcting me and giving me a clarification of my job as I work for you. Holy Spirit I ask that you take control over my mind, that I have a supernatural response when someone comes to me. A response that asks for your help, a response that comes from you and let your spirit minister to that person. I love you Jesus and I thank you so much for your instructions!

Your Sister, 


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