Devotional 101: Second Semester & Me Time Package Giveaway

Hello and welcome to the second semester of Devotional 101. If you missed the first lesson don't worry you can catch up from this post 

Devotional 101

. The picture above shows you the supplies you will need for your devotional time. Now I have a kindle fire, if you have a ipad or any tablet you are fine. What I don't want to see is any one using there phones for this lesson, phones are a major distraction. Devotional and bible, pen or pencil, highlighter or colored pencil, flash card or post its. The Mini Mouse mug is the best with some coffee, but I will let you slide you can use and drink whatever you want. 

Class is in session...........

I am reading from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, you do not have to have the same book as me to learn this lesson. Yes I know it is August 3, 2015 but today's lesson will be held from July 31, 2015 message. Please read the passage below!

Every morning before I start to read I ask God to give me clear understanding. I begin to read my devotional and it is okay if you have to read it more than once. Its better to read something over and over to understand the message. This is where your tablet will come in handy, you know how you read a passage and get to a word and say "what does that mean?" I found out that if I did not know what that word meant I would screw up the real message. That word or words are chained together with the rest to bring God's message full surface. So I would read and say "what does that word mean?" and I would get up and grab my kindle and look that word up. Fit that meaning into the context and say "ohhhhh" and go on reading. Here is a good example, Read the first two sentences of the devotional provided to you. You may be saying " your inner being, what's that?" "Communion, you mean wine and bread?" So let's look up what inner being means.

My handwriting is a hot mess so I will type what I wrote down. 

Inner Being: A persons true or internal mind, soul, or nature.

  • On the inside, not outside 
  • The human spirit
  • God is working on your inner being day by day.

God wants you to trust him with your soul, mind and heart. Your inner being is getting cleansed from your old ways and your own strength. Making room for you to trust him and depend on him and love him with all of you. 

My inner being is where you live in constant


with me.

Communion: The sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts or feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level.

  • In the depths of my inner being God is exchanging my thoughts and emotions with his. My old ways for his, He is sharing his spirit with me.

You did not think it was going to get this deep in class today did you? Look at God, you see how important it is to know the meaning of the context. If you do not get the full meaning you will never know what God is saying or doing in your life. One day I got up to get my tablet and I said "excuse me God I have to get my tablet to look up this word." He said "how else will you know what I am trying to say, it's okay." So every morning I grab my tablet with my supplies and use it when I need it.

Flashcards, I think flashcards are great supplies for your devotional time. You know how you read something and be like "yessssss" and you want to remember it. Grab a flashcard and write it down and carry it with you or put it on your wall. Here is what I do with mine;

I put my scriptures in alphabetical order and carry them in my purse. Whenever I am in needs of God's word and his presence I simply grab one. Or if you love a quote or statement in your devotional, grab a flashcard and write it down. I like to see words like that on my wall, when I wake up I can read something encouraging. 

I took these pictures on my iphone sorry for the quality. But all I do is glue that flashcard to my poster board and read it. I also write down prayers and glue them on my board and read those every morning or night. 

Adding some more supplies to your morning routine will enhance your time with God. I look forward to it, I look forward to looking up words and placing them in his message. It makes me feel so good to be into his word and have my desire to study his word come alive. I know you will feel that too and I am praying you take it a step further and dig a little deeper. 

Don't go yet, it's giveaway time..........

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