College Wishlist & Me Time Package Giveaway

August 31, 2015 I will be starting classes for my Undergraduate Degree. I am so thrilled that God has given me my hearts desires. His timing is always better than ours and I am excited for this chapter to unfold. Of course I am going to need some important things to kick off this fall semester. Here is what my heart desires........

  1. HP Printer // College papers are not something I am looking forward to. I need a good quality printer to have my back when it comes to papers. 
  2. Acer Laptop // I would love to have a MacBook but money is tight these days. I have heard good these about Acer so why not give them a try.
  3. Laptop Case // I would love to carry my laptop with me to school on the days I have long breaks. So a cute, small and cheap case is a must.
  4. Packback // The backpack I have now is for a 7 year old, I think a new one is in store. 
  5. Dunkin Donuts Gift Card // Coffee is a MUST!!!!!!!
  6. Hello Beautiful Travel Mug // I need a BIGGER mug!
  7. Wawa Gift Card // I am going to be traveling from work to school, I could use some gas money.
  8. Computer Desk // All students need a desk and this one is big and adorable.

Don't go just yet..........

Me Time Package Giveaway is still in effect, I did change how you can enter. I support my fellow bloggers and I love my sister Holly the creator of 

Holly Loo Ya

. So to enter all you have to do is visit her page on Facebook, don't worry the widget will direct you to her page. Enter your name and email and it will take you to her page and you must like it.

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I hope this way to enter is a little better if you still have some issues let me know. I pray that you all have a blessed night and start your school shopping.