June Priorities

June is a month full of Joy! Let me explain why. Last month the night before my birthday the Lord gave me a word regarding this year. He said “new era.”

LifeLenae Brooks
A Fancy Birthday Giveaway

“Why would you give away cute stuff on your Birthday?” My beautiful readers deserve a gift too. You my darling are apart of something that God has birthed! For that I want to give to you!

GiveawayLenae Brooks
May Priorities

May is my favorite month. It is my Birthday month!!!! May 13th I will be twenty seven years old. Yes, I know I do not look my age at all. Say hello to good genes. I am so excited about this year in general you guys.

LifeLenae Brooks
Let's Be Queens Together

This blog post was not planned! It just came to me as I was creating a blog graphic for another post. I love how the Lord just drops things to me. Anywho, the first that popped into my head was Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron,  so one person sharpens another.”

Faith, LifeLenae Brooks