Hi there,

I'm Le'nae, the women behind Fancy & Fearless. I am twenty seven years old living in Upper Marlboro Maryland. I am a full time student at Bowie State University majoring in Child and Adolescent Studies. This is a Christian Lifestyle Blog, so you guessed it, I love God more than anything. 

While God is first in my life, my family is not far behind. I love being around my family, and they are who I hang out with twenty-four seven. Being around people that encourage me, make me laugh, and keep it real is what keeps me going. Food, coffee, and ice cream make me happy. Reading is a hobby I will never stop. Writting is a passion I will never drop. Movies will forever be a good time to me (with some popcorn and cherry coke)! 

Just like every other woman I have big dreams. Making Fancy and Fearless a place where God's truth, and love can be spread is one. Speaking to young women around the world, and drawing them to Christ is my passion. Becoming a New York Times Best Selling Author is my dream. Living the life that Jesus died for is my reality. Thank you for reading, and I pray you enjoy your time spent on Fancy & Fearless!